1. opheliona:

    Posting art online

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  2. Every plumber needs a snack break.

  3. moth-eatn:

    Day 1 - Yourself

    My hair is getting really long.

    Chelsea will always astound me.

  4. Flipbook Friday! Scrooge McDuck 

  5. SIT!

  6. Your Aunt Gladys.
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  7. scott-gwynn:

    A present for my wife. 

    Scott is amazing.

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  8. Jason Kim, folks.

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  9. laurenetay:

    Ariel the Little Mermaid. I’ve been calling these illustrations “darlings,” and still need to post the custom ones I’ve been doing. They make me so happy! Maybe because they are smiling at me the entire time I’m drawing them.

    Etsy shop is up! DarlingsByLauren. It’s in beta, so any tips to improve it would be SO welcome!

    Amazingly cute stuff by Lauren Taylor.

  10. aarnimation:

    Crusty old sailor.

    Reblogging this post from 2012, just because I want to. So there.